OUT OF STOCK IN ALL CHAIRS, DOUBLE AND SINGLE GLIDERS, LOVE SEATS, BAR CHAIRS,  AND CHAIR FRAMES. Unfortunately due to shipping issues overseas we have no idea when we will receive our container.  We are hoping to have inventory by 2022.

  We are so sorry that we cannot give definite information. These issues are beyond our control.   Picnic and Tallboy Coolers - 25% off  THIS IS A CLEARANCE PRICE. ONCE COLORS ARE OUT OF STOCK THEY WILL NOT BE RESTOCKED. 

Retro-Inspired Metal Patio Furniture - Just Like Mom'n them had, only better!!

Why buy from us?

You're in business to make money, plain and simple.  Locating quality products in dependable volumes, with multiple choices, consistent service and with as little involvement from you is the goal in today's economy.  Then of course you have to hope the guy down the street isn't going to be carrying the same thing next month!  We understand each and every one of these issues and we have solid answers for all of them.  Just ask us.  When you call or email us, someone who has the ability, knowledge and desire to take care of you on the first attempt will be speaking with you.

We've been making quality, vintage styled all steel lawn furniture for over 15 years and we've been servicing the independent retailer and commercial designer for most of this time.  Making classic stamped metal lawn furniture is all we do, every day, all year long.  It's not a hobby or a side job; it's our living!  And when you do one thing, all the time, you get pretty darn good at it.  We're so sure about all of our products, we put or name on it.  Every box and carton tells you exactly were it came from and our chairs, gliders and love seats have our company logo on the back.  We're not ashamed of anything we make.

It's well understood your customers have lots of choices today.  Competition has never been tougher.  What makes the difference in many cases is your own degree of service.  We have several options to help you compete.  Our inventory is strong.  If we sell out of an item or color, we have methods in place to complete your order with little or no fuss or delay.  Back orders are very uncommon.  Most all of our products are packed in compliance with UPS requirements so small shipments are quick and easy and arrive damage free.  As an established buyer, we're happy to ship as little as one item to you or we can ship it direct to your customer at the same wholesale cost.  With stock on hand all year long, you only have to buy when you're ready for delivery.

The quality of all our products is a constant point of inspection for us.  Newly arrived shipments are checked as well as product that has been held for a while.  If ever we're unsure about a product, we open it up and inspect it thoroughly before sending it out to you.  In the occasional incidence where you receive your order with a defect, we'll send you the exact part you need.

In the end, we promise to do everything we can to satisfy both you and your customer by providing consistent quality, fair and competitive pricing and first class service each time you order.  If this sounds like what you're looking for in a vendor, then we'd appreciate the opportunity to prove it!


Louis and Kathy Torrans

Selling classic stamped metal lawn chairs and vintage furniture to the independent retailer and commercial designer for 15 years.