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Hey all y’all up in here in the lawn chair nation!

Oh my gosh! Did the weather change or what?  Sure makes it hard to think about sitting outside doesn’t it! Hey! I got a “hot” tip for all y’all. When you’re outside and have the fire pit working, take a small shovel full of the coals and make a little mound directly under your metal lawn chair. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised just how much warmth that little pile of coals generates. You won’t be warm all over but the seat of your lawn chair is going to be way nice and toasty!. Too hot? Just take away some of the coals or spread them out a little more. Only takes a couple of times before you get the right amount figured out.

Anyways, today I want tell you about a friend that has been collecting vintage lawn chairs for a pretty good while now. He is sporting a pretty nice collection and has been very fortunate to run across some of the more hard to find pieces. So, the other day he sends me a couple of pictures of two really old clam shell shaped chairs. These chairs had lots of Art Deco embellishment and we judged them to be pre World War II.I didn’t know the maker unfortunately but he Art Deco was in your face! They had been repainted and from a slight distance looked really pretty. The lady selling them was sort of, how you say “proud” of them and her selling price reflected it. My buddy looked them over quickly and popped a couple of quick photos to send me. I told him these had to be pre – World War II and that I don’t see them around very often. From the photos, they looked to be true barn finds and in really solid condition.

Well…about a week goes by and he checks in and the lady doesn’t want to budge on her price. But, he got a chance to take a good look and found out the repaint job wasn’t so well done and a crack had formed near the screw hole of the frame where the seat attaches. This is a point of worry because it could mean the old frame has been flexed so much the metal is becoming brittle. He showed this but still the lady is firm on her numbers. Then, just the other day after he walked away from the chairs, the lady voice mails him that she’ll now take substantially less if he’s still interested.

I don’t know if he took the deal or not but this is a classic example of how looks can be deceiving. First, the price made you think these were really hard found chairs that have been only sat in on Sunday afternoons after church and only in dry weather. All the other times they were parked in the barn and well off the ground. They certainly had what appeared to be a very nice repaint because all the Art Deco detail was sharp. So, if you were just standing there looking and merely kicking the tires you’d never notice the whole story. But, once you got down on your knees and began to handle the chairs and looking for defects, up jumps the real story! That paint job was nice but the flaws could be seen upon closer inspection. Then came the frame cracks and these were the ones you could see. The asking price suddenly became way too much! Even with the price coming down this pair of chairs was going to need some TLC. Hopefully, with a better price, these two old girls might turn into real keepers!

My friend did exactly what he was supposed to do! It’s just too bad the long distance love affair didn’t work out! So friends and neighbors, let this be a lesson for us all. Look for those tell tale signs and don’t be afraid to point them out to your seller. You don’t want to be offending, just be honest about the condition. Now. After you’ve done all your looking and if you still want to make a counter offer but the seller holds fast…just write down you contact information, thank them kindly and ask if they should change their mind to please get back with you. You never know!

Stay warm y’all!

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