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Retro-Inspired Metal Patio Furniture - Just Like Mom'n them had, only better!!

Oh yes it is!....Summertime that is!

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Well hiddy hi there Lawn Chair Nation!

Yes, I know it's been like forever since the last post but we've been building our new and improved web site and the web gurus asked me to stay off here until it ran ok. Well it's up and running just fine and I'll be talking with y'all a little more often hopefully.

Like I said, it's summertime.....way summertime here in good ole East Texas! July 4th generally marks the beginning of hot weather for us but this 4th was so extraordinary cool there were folks at the fireworks display wearing sweaters and wrapping up! Not so much now. High 90's for as far out as the weather dudes can predict. Perfect Lawn Chair weather don't you know!

If you're seeing more and more old chairs around it may just be your local hangout is partly responsible. Sales in vintage style all steel lawn chairs is really doing well. Seems that lots of the new and hip restaurants and bars are requesting our retro chairs for their seating! It's so cool that these places are inspired to include the old furniture in their seating. And, it appears their customers are having a great time with them too. Most of these places have tricked out a semi outdoor area that is covered but otherwise open to some degree with great looking brick, old wood, funky finds and all sorts of retro flavored decor and fittings. You gotta love going into a classic styled bar or restaurant and find old steel lawn furniture for your seating pleasure!

We began making our "Heavy Duty" frames several years ago due to many requests from our commercial clients needing something a little more stronger. Although our normal chairs are weight rated to 275 lbs, the commercial guys needed them a bit heavier made. So, we developed our line of Heavy Duty frames. This chair is comfortable with a weight rating of 325 lbs.

Should you have need of these Heavy Duty frames for some of your "larger" friends or relatives then let us help you. They're really affordable and look just like our normal frames. Then you won't have to worry who is sitting in your chair and you can avoid that odd cringe on your face when the brother-in-lawn heads for your lawn chairs with his heaping plate of barbecue.

If you're patronizing one of these places that is sporting old lawn chairs, we'd love to have a picture of you and your crew enjoying y'all's selves! Try to be nice in the picture because we'd like to post this on our web site. Also include all the names and other particulars you'd like to note!

Until next on Lawn Chair Nation!!


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