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Jingle Bells is in the air Y'all!

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Hiddy Hi Lawn Chair Nation and Happy Merry Christmas!!

Well sir, itís Christmas time all over the place around here and darned if things donít look like the North Pole! Except without the snow! Our little town of Jefferson, Texas has been all dressed up Christmas like for the last couple of weeks and folks are really getting in the spirit of things!

Weíve been having really odd weather what with a few really cold nights but then we get a couple of warm days to help confuse the seasonal feelings! However, this offers another opportunity to sit outside and do some casual Lawn Chair sitting and enjoy the mild conditions.

I want to offer a little tip I got shown one News Year Eve several years ago. We were on the beach at a lake and of course we had the required bonfire going plus a handful of metal lawn chairs. Now, this was a pretty cold night and getting colder as we waited for 12 oíclock to roll around. Those steel chair bottoms were beginning to feel a little too cold for some folks so one of the men there took a small shovel scoop of coals from the bonfire and spread them out under the chairs. Within just a couple of minutes those metal lawn chairs began to get nice and toasty warm! It only took maybe a 1/4th of a shovel of glowing coals to get the cold driven away from the chair seats. When the seats got too cool again, we just grabbed another scoop of coals.

Now, as a word of caution, do this with the idea that you are sitting on top of hot, glowing coals and by so doing, you could singe your pant legs if youíre not careful. Itís not really all that dangerous, although I suppose it might seem so, you just need to use small amounts and be aware. No one at our party got into trouble and we were having a rather happy time but just be careful. The coals werenít spread to the point they were touching the chair frame and mostly it was just sort of like an ant hill right under the middle of the seat. Surprisingly, it only takes a small amount so try a little at first to test the effects. Your back end with be happier!

I hope all yíall have a way Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

See all yíall next year!!!!


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