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How environmentally friendly is all steel lawn furniture?

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Hi there all y'all LCFs (That's text talk for Lawn Chair Folks)!

Summer will be here before we know it!  I see where some areas of the country sorely need rain and I know what it's like to look up at that bright blue sky only to see the odd little cotton ball cloud. Keep your hopes up because I can tell you, things will get better but like the old folks around here liked to say, "Well, it could be worse!" Let's just trust in nature and let her do what she does best which often times just keeps us humans confused!

Speaking of nature. Have you ever given any thought to just how environmentally friendly your stamped metal lawn furniture really is? Take for example, it's completely recyclable. You can take an old lawn chair, melt it down and make it over again, practically without loosing anything. Very few things are 100% recyclable but steel is right up there.

But what about the finish you ask? Is't it harmful to the environment with all the toxins and stuff that's in it? Since the early 1970's, nearly all metal lawn furniture has been made using powder coat as the finish material. This is without a doubt our best finishing choice then as well as today. The powder has very few toxic solvents, it's overspray if kept clean or cleaned can be reused and when fully cured poses no more of threat to the environment than cured latex house paint. It stays hard, resists the sun's rays, is highly chemical resistant and protects the metal better than any other spray type applications.

Steel can be easily repaired. There are several types of welding procedures available to make an old lawn chair if not new, nearly new. Rusted metal can be cut away and new scabbed in. Holes can be filled, rust blasted away and new parts fitted from raw stock. However, this type work is a little costly if hired out but it is well within the scope of most DIY guys and gals that work on bikes, cars and motorcycles. Most of these folks will be pleased to barter their evening or weekend services if you ask nicely. A case of beer, bottle or two of nice wine or around here a platter of fried chicken will get you a couple of hours work in someones home shop. So if you choose to fix your dilapidated chairs and gliders, you're saving the poor things from the scrap yard, keeping them in the family and slowing the use of resources. Now all you have to do is keep them clean and safe from falling branches and the like and they'll serve you several more years.

But when the day comes and your old metal lawn furniture is too far gone even for the best of repair efforts then taking them to the metal scrapper is the best choice. Here, they'll weigh your stuff and calulate the scrap price value based on current rates. You'll get a weight ticket and the office clerk will pay you in cash or with a check. Then, they get lumped in with other metals of the same type and go off to the steel mill where they'll get cut up and melted in a furnace to make new steel for all sorts of things. Who knows? Maybe your old chairs will be the fender on a new car or the cabinet for a washing machine or dryer or maybe even a new piece of furniture. Then the whole process begins anew!

So remember what the vintage car guys say "Save'm, don't cruch'm!"


Louis Torrans

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