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Happy New Year! Com'on Spring!

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Happy 2015 all yíall lawn chair fans!

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years Holiday season! Here in East Texas weíre getting ready for Mardi Gras which is the first week of February. If yíall are anywhere near Jefferson the weekend of Feb. 6, 7 & 8th you owe it to yourself to drop by and see how we celebrate with Mardi Gras Upriver! Itís way cool!!

As I write this, steady rain is coming down and itís darn cold! However, we had a drop dead beautiful weekend this last week and this cold spell isnít supposed to last past Friday afternoon. Actually, our winter hasnít been too bad and just between yíall and me, Iím betín on an early spring. Then I read where February might make up for all the easy weather weíve had but with the way these weather prognosticators have been dropping the ball I figure my guess is just as good as theirs.

Spring with all its venerated preparation rituals generally includes either bringing out the lawn furniture or cleaning up whatís been left out all season. This also means folks begin thinking about taking on a rebuild project for their recent flea market score or garage sale find. Let me tell you about the most useful little tool to have on hand for such work. Itís an electric Dremel Tool which is nothing more than a little high speed motor that accepts itty bitty rotary tools. These handy little things can make quick work of taking down rusted screws or cutting off a rounded nut or other such potential catastrophe. BTW. When you buy one these tools please remember to pickup a good pair of safety glasses and remember to wear them!

There are numerous tools, bits, sanders, grinders and other accessories available both as Dremel brand or from other sources that fit into the toolís chuck. These little attachments can do grinding, sanding, polishing and my favorite, cutting off stuff. All you have to do is slip the new tool into the tiny chuck, power up the motor and the Dremel tool is ready for work. The little tool runs with very little vibration and they generally fit into a womanís hand easily. The working is pretty straight forward but itís always a good idea to read over the instruction manual to become familiar. Youíll be amazed at all the little reasons youíll find to have one close by!

The Dremel tool as been around since the 1940s. Today, you can buy them either corded or cordless. I prefer the plug in version but Iíve been made aware the new battery powered models are a great improvement over the earlier ones. A full set of tools with a multi speed motor is about $130.00. Used examples are easy to find and unless they were just totally abused they should be just fine. For taking off rusted bolts, nuts and screws, I canít think of another tool that works as fast or as easy!

Remember to saveím and not crush Ďem!

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