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Retro-Inspired Metal Patio Furniture - Just Like Mom'n them had, only better!!

A History of the Metal Lawn Chair

A History of the Metal Lawn Chair

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The only book you'll find about the history of the metal lawn chairs!

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A History of the Metal Lawn Chair...What We Know Now.

AS SEEN ON "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" - 1/23/2017!

Here's Jimmy's Video, Skips book is the 3rd book he talks about.

Here is our "Rebuttal" video!

The first historical accounting of the stamped metal lawn chair commonly called Motel, Bouncer, Shell Back, Clamshell, Tulip etc. It takes the reader from where the more common names derive from to many of the past manufacturers to just who may have actually designed the first Metal Lawn Chair. Includes case history on three of the most prolific makers of all steel lawn chairs and gliders. Contains insight as to who helped design some of the more commonly found chairs and gliders and their contributions to the Art Deco and Industrial Age time periods. Provides telling points to identify many styles of vintage chairs, their dates and maker. The book will help the reader understand these great old chairs much better, put away some misconceptions and make hunting, restoring and collecting the old furniture more exciting and fun. Includes a large number of color photos as well as a good bit of vintage advertising. It does not answer every question but instead makes reasonable effort to explain the unknown for many of the more unique pieces. Added humor included at no additional cost.

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Loving my motel chairs

Iím ordering your book to learn more of the history of these legend metal chairs. I have collected them for a few years and have over forty. When I drive by a house with motel chairs it makes me smile. I have a picture of me sleeping in my Momís lap while she was sitting in the motel chair in our yard. They are a memory. a smile maker, a piece of American history. Thank you for promoting them and keeping the magic that these chairs hold. Keep making the memories, Joyce from Illinois

Reviewed Sun, May 19 2019 8:33 am by
Image 5.0 stars out of 5
history book and poor dumb JF

I loved your rebuttal video. Thanks for keeping it real those if us who appreciate an outstanding piece of furniture that takes us back to our childhood memories. We are from Nebraska but got here as fast as we could. I'm going to read and relish this book sitting in my favorite chair...with a grin!

Reviewed Fri, Jun 22 2018 2:47 pm by
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