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Oh yes it is!....Summertime that is!

Wed, Jul 15 2015 1:05 pm Louis (Skip) Torrans Comments

Yes, I know it's been like forever since the last post but we've been building our new and improved web site...

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Happy New Year! Com'on Spring!

Thu, Feb 05 2015 8:32 am Louis Torrans Comments

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years Holiday season!

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What you see...may be too good to be true...!

Thu, Feb 05 2015 8:30 am Louis Torrans Comments

Oh my gosh!  Did the weather change or what?

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Selling or Buying - it's about location

Thu, Feb 05 2015 8:25 am Louis Torrans Comments

Periodically, I receive an email where the writer is asking

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How environmentally friendly is all steel lawn furniture?

Thu, Feb 05 2015 8:14 am Louis Torrans Comments

Hi there all y'all LCF's (that's text talk for Lawn Chair Folks)!

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